Our Mission

LangShack: Xacaltlahtōlli (Xacaltlahtōlli: Náhuatl/Aztec for “house” or “shack of languages”) is a two-part organization that strives to provide resources for learning languages, especially lesser-known ones and to create software for endangered languages.

Using a peculiar method for learning languages, our products will help you practice and feel confident and relaxed when speaking a new language.

Our beliefs and goals for language revitalization

Our belief is that everyone should be able to speak their native language in any circumstance. This equates to the belief that all speakers of minority languages should be able to access any resource to learn or search words in their language. At the LangShack, we strive to do exactly that but through technology. There are many planned projects we have, to revive endangered and dying languages around the world, but it must start from the young population. The up and coming generation are the torch-holders of the language they speak, if the language is not passed on, then so much disappears from that culture.

The disappearance and extinction of a language means that stories, legends, spiritual and everyday chants, religious practices, mythology, oral history, sense of direction, nature and more are all lost.The LangShack aspires to work with as many indigenous peoples as possible to create resources to further the advancement of their languages. We are working to document, and provide software applications that break down grammar to the root, and instruct learners how to read, write, and speak the language.

Dictionaries are another important resource that the LangShack specializes in, in the future, we will create applications that provide the learner, and everyday speaker with a tool that helps them look up words with added features — all on the go!

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