A lang a day: Huave (Oaxaca, Mexico)

This language is native to the Oaxaca region of Isthmus de Zapotec, spoken by 18,000 people, it is endangered but it still used be young people. It is used traditionally in four villages, San Mateo Del Mar, Santa Maria Del Mar, San Dionisio Del Mar and another smaller village.

A lang a day: Guaraní

Mba’eichapa nde ka’aru!

The Guaraní language forms part of the Tupi-Guaraní language group in South America. It is co-official with Spanish in Paraguay and has always been a part of its history.

This is the first section of the UN human rights translated to Guaraní:

Mayma yvypóra ou ko yvy ári iñapyty’yre ha eteĩcha tecoruvicharendá ha acatúape jeguerekópe; ha ikatu rupi oikuaa ñetéva ha añete’yva, iporãva ha ivaíva, tekotevẽ pehenguéicha oiko oñondivekuéra.

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