Demonstratives in Soqotri (“this” and “that”)

These are the demonstratives in Soqotri, a language spoken in the Indian Ocean south of Yemen and east of Somalia. I will be posting grammar samples of this language, and some little exercises soon. There hasn’t been anything like this done for this language, no everyday Soqotri course. We’re doing that now.

The top portions are demonstratives like “this, these” that point to something that is near, or being referred to directly. The ones on the bottom are for “that, those”, which tend to be further away.

Singularde … dħɘħthisdeʃ …dħɘħthis
Dualdeki … dħɘħthesedeʃi …dħɘħthese two
Pluralle … lħɘħThese (more than two)le … lħɘħthese
Above: “this”, “these”, demonstratives that are closer to you
Singularde .. dbakthatdeʃ … dbakthat
Dualdeki … dbakthosedeʃi … dbakthose two
Pluralle … lbakthosele … lbakthose
Above: “that”, “those”, demonstratives that are further away from you

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