Louisiana French

This kind of French is interesting just because of the varieties that influenced it but also because of the misconception about Acadien French forming the basis of LA French. LA French already existed before the Acadiens were deported or transported to Louisiana, Acadien French is distinct from LA French. LA French has tons of features that make it unique such as its pronoun system, in the plural forms, it tends to use “eutres” after the object form “eux/vous”, and LAF almost exclusively uses “on” for the first person plural form. Other varieties of French also use “on” a great deal, but LA French tends to only use “nous” in formal instances. Louisiana and East TX’s French had probably three different “r”s in existence, the typical American “r”, the rolled “r” (alveolar flap/trill), and in some places, even the uvular fricative used in International French. Louisiana also has a good portion of vocabulary that is unique to it such as “asteur”, “charrer” or the famous saying “laissez les bons temps rouler!” Louisiana French had two main varieties, the formal register known as Plantation Society French, and the everyday register, which is synonymous with Cajun French. Louisiana French is believed to have been very close to Missouri or Paw Paw French, which is a moribund variety. The variety started dying out after the 50s, since it was believed that if families raised their children solely in English that they’d have a more successful life in the US, this lead to a sharp decline and there are very few young native speakers. A combination of different factors like legislation banning the French language in Louisiana, the growth of jobs in the English-only oil industry, and corporal punishment for children speaking the language. CODOFIL was formed in 1969 with the purpose of revitalizing the language and encouraging its use, but how successful the language has been in making a comeback is up for debate. The two varieties of French are known to be mutually intelligible to a large extent.

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