Fixing to plan out our mobile app

Currently at LangShack, we have just finished our first language course, and are currently researching how to get the book published and are in the process of getting an ISBN for that Papiamento course. We are planning out a mobile app for the Apple App Store and the Google Market, which is slated to be released sometime during the next year. The app will feature our LangShack language courses with audio, and a portal to import additional, custom lessons with audio, this will also be released with some additional features. We want to develop a way for you to keep track of all your language study notes in one place and some games to keep our users engaged with learning languages. Please email us with suggestions or if you’d like to volunteer with us.

As the site and this business grows, we are looking into holding conferences with potential customers and current fans to elicit feedback on our courses and media content to make sure that we are satisfying the needs of our fans and customers. If you’d like to make a difference by helping us develop our language courses or if you’d like to volunteer in translating a course into your language (any language, especially more widely known ones), then please email us at [email protected]

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