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I have been spending a lot of time editing the Papiamento course I made. I started this whole thing with a daily video of all my study progress and got discouraged that no one was following and changed my approach. The thing about starting a business is that it takes patience and people aren’t going to find LangShack over night. I’ve been producing videos for about two months now and it is finally starting to produce a following. I started experimenting with an audio podcast that has an accompanying PDF that has a reading selection or dialogue, followed by vocabulary, grammar explanations and exercises to practice and because it was so late in my study process, everything became jumbled. Now, I have the process in place but I am editing the book so that it can be used as a study tool by learners.

One idea that I have in mind is that the lessons need to be short and “bite-sized” so that it isn’t so long that the learner gets discouraged but just long enough to where you can still learn something and get through the lessons somewhat quickly. I have some other supplemental ideas in mind for future languages, which will be part of paid-tiers on Patreon but the audio of the lessons will always be free. I intend to sell the books on my website and find native speakers to record audio for the reading selections so learners have a native ear.

Cape Verdean Creole will be the next language I intend to brush up on and I am going to make a PDF and audio podcast for this language for the next month and a half as soon as I finish the Papiamento book which I intend to have done in the next few days.

I need feedback on the Papiamento book as this will be the basis for all future LangShack courses. If you are interested in helping me, I have a sample PDF of one lesson that can be reviewed. I need to know if a learner would be comfortable learning a language with this material, and the format, or if it needs work, such as more exercises, shorter dialogues, etc.

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