A Lang a day: Buwandik

Buwandik is a language in the Pama-Nyungan language group and is considered extinct in that there are no native speakers. It was formerly spoken in the area around Mount Gambier, South Australia and east over the border into Victoria, Australia. Bunganditj is fairly typical of a Pama-Nyungan language in its sound system and grammar. There is a compilation of its grammar, vocabulary, and syntax in a book written by Barry Blake. It is being revitalized by Buwandik descendants and has a good amount of material documented. The community has repurposed and coined new words for everyday use in the 21st century. I have thought about making a crash course for this language based on the material, let me know if you’re interested in such a resource.

Resources for Buwandik

The Bunganditj (Buwandik) language of the Mount Gambier Region – Barry J. Blake


The reawakening of Craitbul: The revival of the Boandik language of Mount Gambier – Dr. Mary-Anne Gale


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