About Marshallese, or Kajin M̧ajeļ

I saw and answered a question on Quora today about what’s spoken in the Marshall Islands, which happens to be the first day I am starting a new blog series – one to share all 7000 of the worlds languages. The Marshall Islands are a group of islands in the Western Pacific Ocean, this is where the US’ nuclear tests were conducted in the 50s and 60s.

Kajin Majel is what the language itself is called in the Marshallese language. It is a Micronesian language, which is a branch of the Oceanic/Malayo-Polynesian group and that makes it ultimately an Austronesian language. It is spoken by between 44 and 55 thousand people around the world. Kajin Majel has a lot of consonants, which can make the language quite difficult to pronounce but it is relatively simple on the vowel side.

The Kajin Majel language has some interesting diacritics on letters in its alphabet. Below are some resources and academic works you can check out to learn more about the language or to study it.

Resources –

Website with all sorts of resources for Kajin Majel, from courses, and dictionaries to a Bible translation and other literature – http://marshallese.org/

A peace corps course for Kajin Majel in PDF – linguistics.berkeley.edu/~rscook/pdf/PCMLT-JejeinM.pdf

A short 3-minute LangShack video detailing the location and some basic facts about the language!

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