Hebrew-Maltese conversation? Huh?

The other day I decided that I wanted to speak only Maltese with one of my language enthusiast friend and he’d respond in Hebrew, both our favorite languages, respectively. We have been trying to move away from using English as our main language, in order to enjoy the fun of foreign languages! He already speaks Hebrew at a high intermediate level, but I only know a handful of phrases and words, whereas he understands some Maltese from the load of Sicilian words that are etched into Maltese. All I wanted to do was to understand Hebrew spoken with my current goal being understanding the basic language and its structure.

Despite the fact that FSI courses are probably considered out-of-date because most of the ones available in the Public Domain were produced in the late 60s and early 70s, I chose them. However, they provide very good courses that have many exercises and drills, that can be done both by hand and by listening-responding, as well as the grammar explanations. The Hebrew course has 40 units, which makes it good enough to get a basic grounding in the grammar, and a good deal of vocabulary, which is exactly how much I need to get started with our Maltese-Hebrew language exchange. 

Visit this website, it doesn’t just have FSI courses, but DLI (Defense Language Institute), Peace Corps courses, and some others, all accompanied with audio, when available. 

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