The last Wukchumni speaker

This language, only has one native and fluent speaker left, Marie Wilcox. She spent many years making a dictionary, available in both written and oral form. She has been teaching the language on a weekly basis to interested members of the tribe. 

The language belongs to the Yokutsan language group, a language group native to California’s San Joaquin Valley, an area in central-south California. Wukchumni is specifically a dialect of a larger language called Tule-Kaweah Yokuts, presumably mutually intelligible dialects. The other two dialects have unfortunately died out. We will write some information on Wukchumni’s features in future articles.

Check out the “Who speaks Wukchumni” video under the references for more information on this woman 

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Documentary about the last native speaker of Wukchumni and her efforts to keep the language alive.

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