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Papiamento studies

By Michael Keil / in Language learning/acquisition, Languages / Aug 16, 2019

Facebook Twitter Google+ Gmail Shares I’ve been thinking about how the podcast should be done and how the course material should be presented. Studies are going strong so far personally speaking, and I want to update any learners by making PDFs of all I’ve learned so far. In a lesson, I want to have corresponding […]

Speaking Papiamento with locals in Aruba!

By Michael Keil / in Uncategorized / Oct 16, 2019

Facebook Twitter Google+ Gmail Shares I made a compilation of my conversations with locals in Aruba. I learned the language before I went with the intent of only speaking Papiamento with everyone in Aruba. You should always learn the language before you go to a country, it makes the trip so much more worth it […]

New show! La Esquina

By Michael Keil / in Languages, Miscellaneous /

Facebook Twitter Google+ Gmail Shares Here at LangShack we have a new weekly podcast show. This will be released every Saturday! Filmed in the morning and released in the evening. In the future when the show gets a bigger following, we want to go live every weekend and have a live discussion with our followers […]

Papiamento: Aruba’s language

By Michael Keil / in Languages, Rare Languages, Uncategorized / Sep 22, 2019

Facebook Twitter Google+ Gmail Shares Aruba is truly a fascinating place. It is a polyglots paradise. Learning four languages is required for every resident who goes to school: Dutch, Papiamento, Spanish and English. However when you speak Papiamento and they know you’re a tourist, then they may think you’re attempting to speak Spanish and the […]

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