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Papiamento studies

By Michael Keil / in Language learning/acquisition, Languages / Aug 16, 2019

Facebook Twitter Google+ Gmail Shares I’ve been thinking about how the podcast should be done and how the course material should be presented. Studies are going strong so far personally speaking, and I want to update any learners by making PDFs of all I’ve learned so far. In a lesson, I want to have corresponding […]

A Lang a day: Buwandik

By Michael Keil / in Endangered Languages, Rare Languages / Jul 22, 2019

Facebook Twitter Google+ Gmail Shares Buwandik is a language in the Pama-Nyungan language group and is considered extinct in that there are no native speakers. It was formerly spoken in the area around Mount Gambier, South Australia and east over the border into Victoria, Australia. Bunganditj is fairly typical of a Pama-Nyungan language in its […]

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